Physio Report card


I can’t cycle yet, but my posture was much better so I’ve moved on to getting my shoulders under control. So, where I was standing, tucking my pelvis under to get rid of the swayback effect, and “ab gripping” (my words) to shorten the stomach muscles with a view to straightening the back, I now have to get the shoulders down and back (which makes my back want to sway again) AND ab grip. It’s hard as hell.

I’ve also been given 4 “pre-pilates” exercises, all focusing on stabilizing the pelvis while moving the legs. One of them she gave me, despite thinking it would be too hard, because she knows that I like lots to do, and I was VERY pleased to hear that I can already do it quite well!

I’ve come away motivated and very chuffed with myself, indeed :D All the hard work all week has really paid off and I finally feel like I’m moving forward. Dorney Lake, here I come!

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