Physio update

A+ again! YAY!

So, standing posture still has some way to go. It’s hard to get it right when I’ve been doing it wrong for 40 years, but it’s much improved, she says.

Still on “pre-pilates” exercises, but she’s consistenly impressed with how much I can do so she’s given me 3 more exercises (double knee folds, toe touch and single coffee table slides) and I start full pilates on the 4th of November.

With exercise, I’m still running at around 1200 calories which I’m worried is a bit low as I don’t want to lose any muscle mass (there’s still a lot under the jelly), especially as I can’t exercise at the moment. I’ve lost weight again this morning, so I think I need to be careful.

I might add a slice of PB on toast mid morning in order to to boost the calorie count a little. At least I know I can be full and happy on less, if needs be.

I still have the weekend to get through. It is going to be very busy and I know I’ll want a few glasses of wine and a tempting takeaway in the evening(s). I’ll have to think of something equally nice that I can whip up quickly. Maybe salmon pilaf.

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