Because I sit at a desk all day, I get no reprieve from the grip and tuck posture exercises my physio has given me to stabilize my hypermobile pelvis and it’s exhausting. Well, more emotionally than physically, really, but tiring it all is.

I know that I have two choices: I either grip and tuck all day, every day with the inherent slow drip feed of muscle fatigue from muscles all over my upper body being forced to do their real jobs of supporting my not insignificant weight OR I relax and sag and slouch and prop myself up and let my pelvis slip and my back sway and live with the chronic hip, pelvis, sciatic and lumbar pain making sitting, walking, driving and even sleeping impossible.

The grip and tuck is nowhere near mindless yet. It is a minute by minute reassessment of ab grip, pelvis position, shoulder placement and breathing technique. It is exhausting both mentally and physically. It’s like quitting smoking all over again.

Every now and again, I can’t resist the temptation to just let it all hang out (quite literally). It gives my abs a nice little stretch but I can feel everything slosh about and it only takes a few seconds before I don’t like the sagging feeling and have to zip it all up again.

I strongly suspect that all the tummy jelly isn’t helping. I must have 5-10 lbs of fat just on my belly alone fighting against the muscles trying to hold everything in. Even more incentive to stay on plan.

Yesterday, which I’m counting as day one, went well. I went out for a walk at lunchtime as well as the two dog walks and just went over my 1500 cal limit, meaning I was under 1200 (1127) for the day, which I’m not sure is a good thing.

I guess it’ll take some tweaking to get it right.

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