Wednesday Walks

1000 calories burned yesterday according to my Polar F6, at any rate. 1000! Man, it can easily add up.

Each of my 20-odd minute cycles (I hope to get each way under 20 minutes soon!) burned about 250 calories then DH (Major Dan) and I went for our belated Wednesday Walks. I was having my haircut on Wednesday, so we postponed for a day.

Wednesday walks consists of taking the dogs for a nice long walk and coming home via the pub. We’ll haveĀ  a bar snack, usually hummus and pitta bread shared between us, and a drink each; Major Dan has a pint of London Pride or similar, and I’ll have a large white wine with a splash of soda water.

Last nights walk was 3.5 miles up to the top of the Downs and back again, in an hour. After my 9 mile cycle, it was quite a slog, and I certainly think I earned my glass of wine and the extra portion of whitebait we ordered :)

This morning my legs are aching, but I have a lovely warm glow gilded with feelings of “smug and self-righteous”-ness.

Back is all good, which is such a relief. I just have the normal aches of pains of resuming exercise after a long term injury.

Tonight, we climb!

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