Weigh in day and spooning…

3 lbs off this week! I’m so chuffed, considering I can’t exercise and I still had a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend.

It is entirely possible to be happy, eat great food that you love AND lose weight.

I’m well on target to have lost a stone by Christmas.


Now, on to spooning!

As though signing up for 2 (albeit, mini) triathlons isn’t enough incentive to drop bags of weight to make running (not to mention, fitting into my wetsuit. Can you say “Shamu”? Seriously, I have a picture of me in a wetsuit somewhere, I’ll find it and post it) much easier, but we’ve booked our tickets to LA to visit my Dad in May. We’re flying with Air New Zealand from London Heathrow on one of their new planes with the SkyCouch! Basically, you buy 2 economy seats and the third for half price. These seats have leg rests that raise all the way up to make a sort of bed. Notice the 2 skinny models in the seats…

Fortunately, my husband is already tiny. He’s a keen cyclist and has about minus 5% body fat, but not me. The thought of getting on that plane and not being able to use the bed properly is horrifying to me. Excellent incentive, methinks…

Check these vids out, too:



I’ve been wondering for years why they couldn’t do this as I CANNOT sleep sitting up. I have to get my feet up and balancing your feet on the armrests of the seat in front is both antisocial and impossible to do while unconscious. I’ve even take a large hard carry on bag to force into the foot space in order to have something to put my feet on. “Hi, I’m the Broken Triathlete and the SkyCouch was my idea….”

Even better, is that you can lift the leg rest on your seat only, which is awesome enough, in case I ever need to travel over there by myself. They also have seat back entertainment and the concept of ordering your food when YOU want it, not when they bring it, all from the touch screen. That has got to save the airline money, in the long run, because at the moment, they have to heat everything up and throw away what doesn’t get eaten. But if they can keep what they don’t cook, that has to save money AND minimize waste. Good for them AND us. I love it when airlines think outside the box like this and try to win our custom by improving our experience, not by slashing prices (do not get me started on RyanAir. I hate those bastards). Virgin got the ball rolling with seat back entertainment and free toiletries, but they stopped improving.
Anyway, it’s many months away, but I’ll take loads of photos and let you know what I thought of it all.

If it works, ANZ could be replacing Virgin as my airline of choice (I’m looking at YOU, Richard)…

2 comments for “Weigh in day and spooning…

  1. Beth at Obesity Strike
    November 3, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    YAY on the weight loss. That's fab!

    Oh my gosh, I wish I could get this on my trips to the US but I usually go by myself so I'd have to buy three seats, also only BA and AA fly direct to Dallas. Do update on how it goes.

  2. Broken Triathlete
    November 4, 2010 at 7:51 am

    They're only on the LA and Auckland routes at the moment, sadly, but maybe the new planes will make them bags of money so they can buy routes to Dallas? LOL

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