Getting started

Couldn’t be easier. Get booked on a taster session at an indoor wall. This may be enough to get you registered to climb unsupervised at any wall. If not, most, if not all, walls also do beginner courses. To become registered, all you generally have to do is demonstrate you can put on your harness without tripping over it (taking out the wall’s reception desk in the process), tie on a rope using a rethreaded figure of eight knot with double stop (so easy, but worth practicing) and belay someone safely. You’ll learn all of that in the first 10 minutes of your taster. The rest is supervised practice with some useful pointers from your instructor.

You can hire all your equipment at the wall, so don’t even need to buy anything. Wear comfy clothes (like cycling shorts or leggings or similar).

I’ve just started and bloody love it.


Women specific links

No women specific stuff yet, but I hope to find some!



General climbing links

UK Climbing

And a link to their forum because I can never find it on their site.

UK Climbing forums – The actual list of forums is on the left sidebar. Pants design, guys.


UK Climbing Wall Guide – This guy has done some nice reviews of indoor climbing walls. Good reading and looking forward to more from him.



Confused by climbing grades? You and me both. Check this out, though:



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