It’s been awhile…

After my back injury, I’ve struggled to get active again. I’ve tried to start running again, swimming again and even walking again, but I can’t sustain any of those activities for long because my back just hurts too much.

What I can do, though, is cycle. It’s been a busy time for us in the last few years with a major move to Wiltshire. I say major because I’d lived in my old house for 22 years so had A LOT of crap to get rid of. Then we had to start a full restoration on the new house. To that end, we only got back on our bikes a few months ago. And, in my own inimitable fashion, decided it would be huge fun to sign up for a sportive. Which I did. It’s this Saturday. It’s 54 miles long.My longest ride to date is 34 miles. Fortunately, the last 20 miles of Saturday’s ride is downhill.

I’ll keep you posted.

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