An open letter to Jon (Daily Show) Stewart

Honestly, mate, how do you not lose your frigging mind? I watched your sanity rally on YouTube. Awesome.

I also watched a documentary here in the UK about the Tea Party last night. I wish I had a quid for every time some interviewee mentioned “tyranny”, “socialism”, “marxism” or “freedom” etc, while clearly have not clue one what any of those words actually mean.

America? A tyranny? Only if the Disney Corporation were asked to mock up the idea for some senate quango. Zimbabwe is a tyranny. North Korea is a tyranny. China is a tyranny. Myanmar is a bloody tyranny. In those countries, people can be arrested and tortured for dis’ing the government or calling the leader of that country “satan” or questioning his parentage. In those countries, people that question the government (rarely freely elected, by the way) just disappear. Scary men with big guns take them away in the night and they’re never seen again.

Those countries attempt to control what “news” you see, what you can buy, say, think, read, learn, or, indeed WHO can buy, think, read or learn.

The Brits have a wonderful phrase for people like Tea Party members; “You don’t know you’re born”. Basically, you have no concept what you have and how utterly misguided you are by lies and misrepresentation.

To any American that is scared of the UK’s national health service, I say one thing to you:

You have no idea what you’re talking about. You have never used it. It has never saved your life. You’ve never known the wonder of being hit by a car and being taken to the closest A&E department, regardless of who owned the hospital, and been patched up and walked out again with a bag full of painkillers, antibiotics, swabs and bandages.

No bills, no forms, no proof of insurance.

You see, you can bleat on and on about your wonderful system, but when you’re sick, truly sick, you should not have to fill in forms or prove you can pay. Life is not an optional extra in this world. Your health is a right, not a privilege.

And, when you are down on your luck, I will pick you up and dust you off.

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