Having to rein it in

Last night, I was talking to DH about my workout plans for the week. When I told him I was going to cycle twice, run twice and wanted to go climbing on Friday, he gave me “that look”.

I knew I was in for a nag and coaxed a discussion out of him. Basically, he’s worried that I feel OK right now so have thrown myself back in to my old regime. You know, the one that got me in this condition in the first place.

I have to admit that his concerns are justified and my remark yesterday about not knowing “I’ve overdone it until stuff starts to hurt” pretty much sums up my attitude, at the moment. I’m a bit digital, like that. Everything is all or nothing with me.

My problem is that I feel like time is marching on and that I want to get back to the pre-injury me asap. I’m already over 40, and everything is just getting harder and harder. Regaining my fitness, losing post-injury weight, all of it.

Anyway, I’ve decided he’s probably right and that I need to chill out. As much as I’m loving running again, I have to drop it, especially if I’m going to be cycling to work more regularly.

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