I’ve taken the plunge

I’ve signed up for two triathlons.

19/06/2011 – Henley Triathlon
02/07/2011 – The Shock Absorber WomenOnly triathlon

They’re Novice/fun distances with 2.5k run sections in case I can’t run again by then, but I just need to feel like a triathlete again. Having something to train for is such a great motivation and I feel different about myself when I’m preparing for an event. There’s a purpose for it all. I’m not just trying to fit into skinny jeans ( a goal that quickly goes out the window when that bloody needle on the scale just. won’t. budge!), I’m “in training” *flexes muscles, flashes big cheesy grin*. I don’t know why it makes a difference, but it does. Passing up the sticky sweets that I just KNOW my colleague will bring back from Cyprus next week will be so much easier.

I still can’t cycle, swim or run, but I CAN lose weight and strengthen my core in preparation. And I can walk. In fact, I’m a crazy walking fool. I walk 3 times a week during the week and 2 long walks at the weekend. Brisk walking, mindful of core and posture. It hurts sometimes, really hurts, particularly the muscles in my upper back but the sciatic pain is almost non existent and I get very little pelvic pain anymore (unless I do something stupid like spend the day slumped over sewing machine, like I did yesterday *shhhhh* ).

My right hip is doing weird things though, like trying to dislocate when I move too quickly, so I must mention that to my physio.

But for today, I’m officially in base training; I’m an athlete again!

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